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Do You Know Ur Wigs Is Truly 100% Humanhair

by AMJY 12 Apr 2023
Do You Know Ur Wigs Is Truly 100% Humanhair

In today's hair market, the phrase "100% humanhair" is widely used, but is it true that all sellers who claim to be 100% humanhair are selling real 100% products? As customers seek assurance of the authenticity of wigs, the question of how to distinguish real hair from mixed or synthetic materials often arises. Although the burning test method often mentioned online can provide some insight, it is not foolproof. Let's delve into why this approach may not produce accurate results.

The Limitations of the Burning Test

The burning test involves taking a small sample of hair and subjecting it to an open flame. The idea is that different hair types exhibit distinct reactions to heat, helping to identify whether the hair is human or synthetic. 100 percent human hair should burn similarly to natural hair, producing an odor of burnt hair and turning into ash.

However, this method has its limitations, particularly when dealing with hair that incorporate a blend of materials. Many factories now employ the practice of mixing human hair with other substances, and one of the common choices is horsehair. Surprisingly, when horsehair is subjected to the burning test, its behavior can closely mimic that of human hair. This presents a significant challenge for those attempting to use the burning test as the sole means of verification.

Understanding the Horsehair Factor

Horsehair, as a natural animal fiber, shares certain similarities with human hair in terms of its response to heat. When horsehair is burned, it can emit an odor reminiscent of burnt hair, much like human hair does. Additionally, it can turn into ash, further blurring the lines between genuine human hair and horsehair-infused extensions.

To complicate matters further, horsehair often comes in a variety of colors, including shades of brown and other mixed hues. Hair manufacturers may choose to use horsehair for its durability and the ease with which it can be darkened to resemble human hair. This can make it exceedingly challenging for consumers to discern the presence of horsehair in their extensions through visual inspection alone.

The Role of Processing and Coloring

One critical aspect to consider is the processing and coloring of hair extensions. Even if horsehair is present in a blend, manufacturers may employ various treatments and dyes to make it more closely resemble human hair. This processing can temporarily mask differences, making it difficult for consumers to spot inconsistencies in color and texture.Certainly, for 613hair, if it is mixed with horse tail hair, it will be more easily identified, because it is known that 613hair needs to be faded several times, which is quite high requirements for hair quality, obviously horse tail hair can not meet the same standard as real hair, if you want to know more about 613hair, this blog will help you.

However, these differences gradually become exposed over time, especially after regular use, exposure to factors such as sunlight and styling treatments. Human hair retains its natural properties for longer, while horsehair and other synthetic materials may show signs of wear, and tangles and hair loss will gradually increase.

Aimayhair How to Address the Challenge

As sellers of hair, we understand the complexities involved in identifying 100% real human hair wigs, even for industry professionals. It's important to recognize that complete certainty may not always be achievable, especially with finished products. However, there are steps we can take to improve ability to provide high-quality, authentic hair to customers.


Quality Control Measures: Before products reaches our customers, it goes through a comprehensive quality control process. This includes thorough inspection for authenticity, texture, length, and overall condition to meet our high standards.More importantly, our bundles have always been built to 100g or more.Our hair is a special thicker hair that is very close to raw hair after layers of screening, so it is less likely to break and knot.


Customization and Styling: "Unlike synthetic wigs, our natural human hair wigs can be styled just like your own hair. They can be cut, colored, and heat-styled without damaging the integrity of the wig."


Longevity and Durability: "Human hair wigs have a longer lifespan. With proper care, our wigs can last for years, offering you a lasting investment in your appearance."


Offer Guarantees: Consider offering guarantees or return policies that instill confidence in customers. This shows our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.If the customer has any questions or concerns. Our experienced sales staff are here to answer your questions and are committed to ensuring your satisfaction and confidence in our products.


Stay Informed: Continuously educate ourselves about new developments in the industry, including emerging technologies for hair analysis.Whether it is human hair extensions or human hair wigs, we guarantee the best quality.


In conclusion, while the burning test is a widely known method,It's not an accurate way to tell if it's 100 percent human hair wigs or 100 human hair extensions, especially those that incorporate horsehair or other materials. It's crucial for both sellers and consumers to approach this topic with a degree of caution and to prioritize transparency and quality in their choices.


Aimayhair has always adhered to the principle of: resolutely not shoddy, not mixed with any material, guaranteed to be 100% humanhair, with the best quality to serve each of our customers, will not let the trust of our customers disappointed.We are also well on our way to becoming one of the best human hair wigs and best human hair wigs websites

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